Hera Condition Problem

I don't know HOW everyone managed to be able to work Hera like a pro so quick, but I have a few questions about some fields in the condition editor that aren't explained well at all in the documentation.

My problem are the "subject" and "direct" fields. The manual says pretty much the same thing about both of them, and its very hard to figure out what its talking about, although from looking through different sections I've managed to figure out that "direct" is short for "direct object" and that both fields are used for various things required by conditions.

Anyway, for practice I'm trying to set up Space Race with a briefing and win condition. As far as I can tell the "No Ships Left" condition does what I want and in the "Which Player" field I've entered 1 for player 2 because I've gathered that in these fields player 1 is indicated by 0, player 2 by 1, and so on. I've set up a "Declare Winner" sequence and set up the values to the best of my knowledge, although once again I'm having problems figuring out what the "Direct and "Direct Override" (I think that's what they are...) fields are for. When I play the scenario within a second or two the victory message pops up, no matter what I do.

Can anyone tell me how to set this condition up so it works?

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I've had this problem a lot recently

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As far as I can figure, the subject and direct overrides are for when a sequence activated by a condition requires a different subject and/or direct object than the condition it is linked to. You would need to use this in many cases in which you affect (effect?) inital objects. ie: setting destination, destroying objects, giving damage, altering owner, etc. The declare winner sequence does not require a subject or a direct object so you can leave the overrides at -1. About it always popping up as soon as you start the senario; make sure that player 2 has ships as soon as the level starts and you might have to activate that condition after a small amount of time using the contidion true yet alter sequence.

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