State of Hera

I put some new pics up at (url="http://"")

After a very naughty holiday fun fest, I'm back with nose to space-grindstone. I'm currently working on tying up loose ends in the editor.

The editor will include the ability to do fiddle with just about everything, including importing sprites. You'll have to use ResEdit or something similar to import sound.

I won't give an ETA but Hera is my current top priority.

I love you admiral grammaticus!!! Err... you didn't hear that. We reallly need to have a talk. Our relationship is destroying my life! Every day, I come to check the web board to see if there are any Hera updates... I get so excited, but when I usually find that there is no new information, it puts too much stress on my life! One time I got so excited, I had a heart attack! And you didn't even come to visit me at the hospital! (He he he, while he's still feeling terrible I think its time to tell him of my secret affair with Hera...)

"Well try to kill them with a fork-lift!"
The Notorious Bounty
Boba Fett

Hush now, little one. Hush. Soon Hera will come and you will have a new reason to have a heart attack as you are confronted with a thousand little checkboxes and pop-up menus.

Respectfuly, Sir, that would, gulp, be: (url="http://"")


** pulls out another space potatoe and begins peeling, in the background you can see a pink i-book**


Unlike cough certain other people (excluding Boba Fett, that would be mean :)) cough I have some Hera related patience, what I want to know is how Ares sprites will work.

- The Igadzra

Landing request denied.

I'm not a perticulary patiant person, if you know what I mean! 😉 Please get Hera out as soon as possible!

I come, I go; You'll never know...

-Admiral Dennis