The Officer's Club Bar #7

What's all this! What's all this!

Still drinking GreenyBlue®©™ - 🆒 🆒 🆒 🆒 🆒 Now THAT'S market penetration.
Be Cooooool, be GreenyBlue®©™

Could now be the right time to launch VintageGreenyBlue®©™?
-Switches on a smile 🙂 and begins to hand out free samples of the new product in curiously small bottles-

Mag Steelglass's comm unit crackles. Mag! So glad you're back for a spell? D'you think you'd mind ambling down here for a bit? I've been backed into a lower jeffries tube by a rather large pack of Meggarats. I'm about to make a move at punching through their ranks, but I could always use some backup...

Glances at watch.
"Heavens, is that the time? Been stuck in those tubes for a few months."

Went to investigate the distress call in the Jeffries Tube.
Found a pile of Meggarat bones :huh: Looks like something ate its way through them... Very nasty :mellow:
Got lost on the way back.
Boy do I need a drink now!

awful quiet round these parts...

Sure is.
Stares back into evaporated drink...

Pushes the door open...

"Hey guys, check out Antares......, ulp!"

The skeletons all turn away from their drinks to look.


What was that you said?

The lights are off.
Someone forgot to pay the electricity bill.
Or someone else stole the bulbs.
At any rate. Darkness.
...apart from the green glow of course...

Poor Taeskor. they say he had his boots on, apparently.

It's been a while.
Serious cobweb issues here…

Strewth, look at the size of those spiders!

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