Mos Eisley Cantina

Come On In , Drink A Little , And Leave Those Droids Outside
And Keep Those Jedi Out Of The Bar
For The Grand Opening 50% Off Every Drink

Do Or Do Not , There Is
No Try (Yoda from "The
Empire Strikes Back")

Aight look (uh huh) just go up in that motherer
get the motherf
in money and get the f
** up outta there
(Em) Aight
I'll be right here waitin on you
(Em) Aight
Yo Em
(Em) What?!
Don't kill nobody this time
(Em) Awwright... god d***, f***...
(whistling) how you doin'?
(Bar Tender) HI, how can I help you?
(Eminem) Yeah I need to make a withdrawl
(Bar Tender) Okay
(Eminem) Put the fin money in the bag b
and I won't kill you!
(Bar Tender) What? Oh my god, don't kill me
(Eminem) I'm not gonna kill you b****, quit lookin around...
(Bar Tender) Don't kill me, please don't kill me...
(Eminem) I said I'm not gonna fin kill you
Hurry the f
up! {BOOM} Thank you!

Mag Steelglass, an old friend who aild what cured me many times!
Kristina Agulara sucks!

(This message has been edited by EMINEM (edited 09-15-2000).)

Too many swear words! And Eminem posted here! I think I'll move someplace more...shall we say "friendly".


We could just BAN Eminem next time he does something wrong... :evil:

"I can ail what cures you."

This bar is closed. Eminem, you're hanging on by a thread.

I have a plan so ingenius even an idiot could have devised it. On my command, we will line up our ships and fly straight into the enemy death-cannons clogging them with wreckage.

Stop Exploding you cowards!