A Plug Idea

Well, a while ago I designed my plug, and I think I had a preety nifty new idea in it. My idea was having EVATs and Engineering Pods be able to build stations, which in turn could produce ships, making it possible to start and beat a mission with a single Engineering Pod. What do you guys think of that?


What I see in the hera documentation makes me think that this could work with some major work, but it's sort of neat. It would be an engineer pod, though, EVATs wouldn't work...

Still, the thing I like about ares is that it's not a conventional RTS, and this would just about make it one...

Personally, I favour a planet with several stations (Shipyard Light, Destroyer, Capital, Utility) with breakdown
Light: (Cruier possibly heavy cruiser)
Destroyer; (HVD, Gunships)
Capital: (Carrier, maybe battleship)
Utility :frown:ATR, ENgineer pods)
The planet could only build transports. Stations would be able to be destroyed, not just neutralised. This means that you would actually have to defend your base, so someone wont just go in and toast your stations when your fleets not there. BTW, stations wouldn't have weapons.

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Yes, I think building stations is an interesting idea. Go ahead and try it Mag.

I also think orbital factories (that's what they'd be, right?) would be a good idea, too. But you might also have a few defense sattelites as well, and possibly the capability to build them. Watcha think?

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In my plug, I have plans for stations meant to defend the other stations. Each race has its own unique defence station, and there are also bombardment stations, which every race can build, and have A Missiles, C Missiles, and the purple stuff the Bazidaneze Gunship fires. They're meant to defend large areas of your base. I also have it set up so you can build stations to increase you resource increase rate. Also, I think EVATs would work because the Assault Transport would launch them, they'd float arround for a while, and the station would appear, and they'd go inside. Engineering Pods would be better, but not all races have them, and I'm not planning to make any new sprites, even though I'm planning to make many new ships and stations.


I would like a map with tons of planets and bunker stations.
I'd also like some choke points to rule.

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