Creating a mission to grant outfits

Want to grant more than one

So I have been replaying Nova and doing the various strings. And for the heck of it I decided to use the Slayer plug-in. Just got done with the Auroran string, and grabbed the Slayer Thunderforge. But it doesn't have the Triphammers. I've figured out that the Triphammer is outf 440, and I can make a silently aborting mission that grants an outfit on accept, but I don't know if I can grant more than one outfit or more than one of an outfit from a mission. Does anyone know? I haven't been able to find the old guides for this sort of thing.

You can grant more than one of an outfit, but you have to input the bit each time you want to grant it. So if you want to grant yourself four Triphammers, you need to input g440 four times.

Thanks. Though by the time you replied, I had already just tried it and it worked. Still, I appreciate that you did answer.

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