The Balance of Fate

I have been working on a plug in on and off for some time now and I think it has reached the phase where it would benefit from some outside impute. The story line, mission threads, outfits and ship modifications are essentially complete but I feel it is possible I may be glossing over things because I fundamentally understand what is supposed to be happening. This is my way of saying I am in need of beta testers if anyone is interested. It splits off the main Federation storyline around 2/3 of the way through, below is a quick preliminary description.

The Balance of Fate
Just a bit more information at just the right moment and the universe shifts as you put a blaster bolt through Commander Krane’s head. Now you are responsible for guiding the Federation through the Bureau’s collapsing plans. Are you prepared to do what is necessary?

A reimagining of the options available to you at the end of the Federation story line; this plug in covers over 30 new missions, new outfits, a few carefully rebalanced ships and can slip you right into the storyline at any point prior to the new missions. See what it truly takes for you to reunite the galaxy under the banner of the Federation.

Work has been done primarily on windows using EVNEW but I have worked used Mission Computer on the Mac previously as one is sometimes available to me.

It sounds neat... where do we download it?

I’d like to keep this initial run through somewhat limited but if you indicate your interest I’ll message with details. I want to know who’s working on this, make sure our expectations match up and that I can respond in a timely manner to any questions.

I'd be interested. Message me a download link, please. 🙂

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