Disabling Ships

Thunderhead lance vs. BRL

I was looking in EVNEW (and Mission Computer) at the Thunderhead Lance and compared it to the Biorelay Laser.

In game, the The Thunderhead Lance is supposed to be good for disabling ships.
However when I looked at the two different types of lasers I couldn't see what really made the difference.

What am I missing?

IIRC the TH Lance deals 8 shield and 4 armor damage. The biorelay I think is just 8 and 8, which means that it's going to eat up armor faster, making it easier to accidentally destroy the ship.

For disabling ships, though, I'd try blasters or chain guns. Easier to control, especially if your target ship doesn't have a whole lot of armor.

I've found chainguns are about the worst thing to disable ships with. Each round might not do much on its own, but a hail of chaingun rounds will eat up armour faster than most other weapons in the game. The best options, in my opinion, are either ion cannons or special disable-only weaponry only made by Aurorans for dueling purposes. They have disable-only versions of the Radar Missile and Fusion Pulse Turret, though you need to progress to a certain point in the Auroran storyline to unlock them in stock EVN.

I was totally wrong. The TH lance does MORE damage to armor than the BRL and therefore I would use the BRL for disabling ships vs. the THL.

According to the EVN Wiki, the THL deals 6/6 and the BRL deals 8/4.

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