Is Bryce no longer free?

I've recently switched computers and I've had some trouble getting a copy of the PLE version of Bryce. There doesn't seem to be a way I can download it from the daz 3d website. Anyone know any workarounds?

You can't just re-register it with daz 3D? Kinda like putting in the registration code again for EVN.

Edit: Alternatively, you could e-mail daz 3D or post on their forums for help. They'd probably know more than any of us would.

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I've tried re-registering it as the PLE version has a specific serial number, but daz3d won't let me download anything until I've given them a credit card number. Emailing them, on the other hand, sounds like a much better idea.

Thanks for the help

In retrospect, it was pretty boneheaded of me to ask this question here of all places, sorry about that.

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