Well it appears as though no one has posted anything on the developer's corner for quite a while, which is unfortunate. for anyone remembers/cares, I haven't scrapped my idea, but I had to shelve it temporarily because of school. A few weeks ago, I finally found time to continue working on my plug. It currently has:

14 factions (major and minor)

5 missions

111 outfits

35 ships

72 space objects

236 systems (starmap attached)

49 weapons


NCU Civilian:

Light Freighter
Bulk Freighter

NCU Military:

Union Hornet
Union Cobra
Union Scoutship
Union Falcon
Union Destroyer
Union Battlecruiser
Union Carrier

Velyean Military:

Seraph Interceptor
Demon Heavy Fighter
Dragon Gunboat
Scorpion Fighter-Bomber
Vulture Gunship
Velyean Frigate
Velyean Destroyer
Velyean Carrier

Pegasus Civilian:

Macro Shuttle

Pegasus Military:

Pegasus Sennet
Pegasus Rapier
Pegasus Frigate
Pegasus Battlecruiser
Pegasus Carrier

Most of the outfits are weapons and ammunition, but there are a few armor and engine upgrades. Also, I don't know if this is the best way of saying it, but I'm trying to make the game kind of dark. Not dark as morbid, but dark as in lots of black and low saturation (like the first two EVs). Before I start writing the main storyline, I'm trying to create the entire universe first, I think that's probably the best thing to do. There's really not much more to say except that I'm still trying to come up with a title. Anyone have any ideas?

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Titles should come last. I learned that the hard way with my TC. I picked a name and it didn't stick. For now Legacy does, but we'll see how things are as it progresses. For now, it's totally fine not to have a name.

Good luck on this, I hope you make it all the way.

Ahh... very good advice. Thanks! I remember making games and giving them really bland working names. That should work here, too.

I'm mad excited for any new TCs that may come out. I will hop back on Nova in a flash.

I've always felt that way, too. I wish I could list the number of complete TCs on more than one hand though...

Just finished the Centaurian warfleet. Next up Rigellian Geurrillas.

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As usual very nice work. Though I just want to comment on how the Lancer looks a lot like a Thunderhead and the Raven like a Fed Patrol Boat. Their destroyer also looks to me more like a fuel tanker. I have no problems with any of this, just my observation. I've based a lot of ships on ships from EVN and others myself. The destroyer might very well be a fuel tanker repurposed for combat.

Oh, and the battleship and carrier look bada$$.

Edit: Are the Centaurians religious zealots? I only ask because of the apparent orange crucifix emblem on their ships.

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Good eye! The Lancer, Python, and Raven were inspired by my three favorite ships from Nova. Also, I had never noticed how much the destroyer does look kinda like a freighter. Now I have a new civilian ship ^_^. I'd like to point out, though, that the Centaurians aren't religious or anything. The cross is just a cross. I'm kind of limited to simple geometric shapes for insignias. That's why I usually just go with stripes.

Actually when I first saw the destroyer, I didn't think tanker, I thought missile platform.

Just finished the Pictor and Rigellian ships.

Rigellian Insurgents:

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Number of downloads: 15

Pictor Republic:

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Number of downloads: 14

Ha! Starscream. I'm sure most people here understand the connection to Transformers.

Also, what role does the Pictor Wolverine play? It looks about the same size as their frigate, and yet has a visible cockpit like a fighter. But it also has turrets. Some sort of heavy gunship?

Yes, I was worried that it looked too big. Visually, the wolverine is to scale with the Taurus, Mongoose and all of the other gunships :D.

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