Rebel Destroyer plug-in

I want to do a new plug-in about the description of the Rebel Destroyer. I want to change that the description says it's inferior to both the Kestrel and the Confederate Frigate.

So... I need to know where I can find a system where Confederate Frigates and Rebel Destroyers fight. Preferably a system where I can see them fight several times after each other (is that even possible?).

Or I could do a plug-in where there is a mission where you can watch them do battle. I am not sure I exactly remember everything that I need to do to create the plug-in. I need to do a mission and a dude. For use to the ShipDude field, but do I need to put the Confederate Frigate and Rebel Destroyer in the same dude? And do I need to put 2 in the ShipCount field since there are two ships fighting?

Or perhaps I'll do like in earlier plugin of mine: just 1 ship in the ShipCount field, and just 1 ship in the dude. Then, the ship to fight with in a Auxshipdude. Also containing only 1 ship.

More puzzling is why I can't make the mission appear at the Mission Computer at Earth. I have checked the Mission Computer, which I have put to be the place the mission is avaible from. AvailLoc is 0 (Mission Computer). I have checked all the other fields which begin with Avail, too.

Availstel is 128 (Earth)
Availbitset is -1, no mission bit required
Availrecord 0, so I don't have to have any specific legal status
Availrating -1, so no combat rating required
Availrandom 100, so the mission is always avaible

And Cargoqty is -1, which means the mission doesn't require me to carry any cargo.

I can't figure out why I don't get the mission. Can anybody tell me?

Perhaps you gave it an invalid resource ID? Maybe the plug-in isn't loading for some reason?

@darthkev, on 06 January 2013 - 11:29 PM, said in Rebel Destroyer plug-in:

Perhaps you gave it an invalid resource ID? Maybe the plug-in isn't loading for some reason?

OK, so I changed the resource ID of the mission: from 177 (if I remember right) to 244. That made the mission appear in the Mission Computer. 244 is one higher resource ID than there are resource IDs for missions in EV Data. The highest resource ID for a mission in EV Data is 243.

Maybe somebody can explain this?

Oh, and I don't have any text for what you see when the mission is offered in the Mission Computer. I don't know the resource ID number for the text you see when a mission is being offered.

Update: I used Schmelta-V. It lets you just write those mission texts without having know the IDs. I used it to to write the text you see when a mission is offered.

In other news, I have a another mission in a another plug-in which supposedly makes a Rebel Cruiser and a Confederate Cruiser fight. Except I couldn't make that mission appear in the Mission Computer by merely changing the resource ID of that mission to 245. I can't figure what could be wrong with it. I'm leaning towards the plug-in isn't loading explanation.

Maybe I could attach the files as .sit files to my post. The plug-ins I created, one for a Rebel Destroyer vs Confederate Frigate fight and one for a Rebel Cruiser vs Confederate Cruiser fight.

Addendum: The text you get when you accept the mission says the name of the system is (Error). I took the Commerce Raid mission from EV Data and modified so I wouldn't have to create a new misn resource where all resources are blank. I copied the mission to my plug-in to be a mission which would let you see the Rebel Destroyer fight a Confederate Frigate. I guess the problem is er... that I changed the ShipDude field and the ShipSyst and AuxShipCount... in short, I modified the mission. The original mission (Commerce Raid) shows the system to go to fine in the mission quick briefing (I key).

Edit: Found the problem. The type /creator codes were for a Override plug-in. Saw that the icon looked like a EVO one. Changed the type /creator code to a EV one.

Edit2: Made a .sit file of the two plug-ins. I will now attach them to the post.

The two plug-ins I made can be downloaded here: https://skydrive.liv...61AE866B274!303

Then click on Rebel ships fighting.sit and you should be able to save.

Edit3: Would be nice to know what the resource ID number is for the text you see when a mission is offered. So I can use ResEdit and wouldn't have to use Schmelta-V. I want the person that helps me to write in this style:

spïn ID = shïp ID

Shipyard dësc ID = 2000 + shïp ID - 128
Hire-escort dësc ID = 2100 + shïp ID - 128

Shipyard PICT (100x100) ID = 5000 + shïp ID - 128
Shipyard PICT icon (32x32 version of the same image) ID = 5101 + shïp ID - 128
Communications PICT (100x100) ID = 5300 + shïp ID - 128
Target PICT (128x64) ID = 3000 + shïp ID - 128

Sprite and mask PICT IDs = whatever you like, specified in the spïn resource. If you just copy the spïn of a ship from the original game, you don’t need to do anything with these.

Shipyard name STR ID = 3600 + shïp ID - 128
Long ship name STR ID = 3700 + shïp ID - 128
Short comm. name STR ID = 3800 + shïp ID - 128
Mid-length comm. name STR ID = 3900 + shïp ID - 128

For extra clarity, I want the person that helps me to write like this: Shipyard name STR ID = 3600 + shïp ID - 128 The 3600 is important, because it tells me the ID number I have to write. So is anything else I have to know like + ship ID, and - 128 at the end.

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