Quick question on spöb and bars

Sorry my first post is a stupid question, but in the EV scenario for EVN, how can you tell which bar dësc matches with which spöb? This guide says


The description for the planet is at dësc ID equal to the spöb ID; the bar description is at ID 10000 + spöb index.

but what is the "spöb index"? It can't be the spöb ID; the bar dësc run between 10002 and 10105 but the spöb IDs run between 128 and 234. I thought maybe it would match up with the Type plus 10000, but that isn't it either. :huh:

Hello, and welcome to the boards.

As a general rule, you get the ‘index’ for any resource by taking its ID number and subtracting 128 (the lowest allowable resource ID).

Dang DA, don't you ever get bored?

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply, that method certainly seems to work. 😄

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