Thinking about working on SuperNova again

Dont get your hopes up too much though

Wall of text incoming.

I'm terrible at making a coherent post, so sorry if it ends up looking like a jumbled up mess, anyway, on to the point of the topic.

Back in 2009 I was working on a plugin I dubbed "Better Nova" (for lack of a more fitting name at the time) that majorly rebalanced Nova to feel more like EV and EVO while still being Nova, now called "SuperNova" (many thanks to the forum goer whose name i don't recall for suggesting the title)

The goal was to re-balance all ships/weapons/outfits, replace all weapon sounds with new ones, resize most of the ships to better fit their role, add shields to all ships (using that one shields plugin as a base) new better booms (see shields) and overall make it feel new and different without being stupid about it.

Well, 2 3/4 years after dropping it for one reason or another, I felt like picking it back up again, I'll try My best to outline what changes I'm making.

first off, most non-guided weapons are now quite short range, so no more of that fighting halfway across the system nonsense, secondly, civilian level tech is no longer on par with military tech, so taking on a Fed Destroyer in a Starbridge is no longer a joke.

Ugh, enough of My rambling and on to whats what.

Civilian ships.

Shuttle, basically now the Heavy Shuttle with a little more cargo
Heavy Shuttle, now fills the roll of a scoutship
Starbridge, no longer the be all end all, is more in line with the Clipper from EV
Mod Starbridge, gets a pair of civilian heavy blaster cannons
Valkyrie, no longer a different Starbridge, is now a light Corvette class ship similar to EV
Terrapin, not much changed, made to fill the courier role a bit better
Cargo Drone, slightly tougher, also has a large version
IDA Frigate, is now what it claims to be, an older warship, has a viper and thunderhead bay
Kestrel, no longer a weak end game reward, is now a high end Civilian frigate similar to EV
Star Liner, a few slight tweaks, gets PD now
Leviathan, more cargo hold, much stronger armor, but not as many gun ports, harder to make a warship
Pegasus, more armor, slightly cheaper
Lightning, more of a heavy strike fighter now, a mix of lightning and rapier from EV
Viper, now a light strike fighter, hopefully no longer a waste of credits

Civilian weapons.

Light Blaster, does more damage, mainly anti fighter role
Medium Blaster, up scaled light blaster, mixed anti fighter anti warship role
Heavy Blaster, Civilian tech now, mainly anti warship role
Light Blaster PD, Civilian tech now, no longer a quad, pure anti missile anti fighter
Raven Rocket, more of a slow firing medium rocket now
IR Missile, fast anti fighter missile with low damage
Radar Missile, a slower anti frigate heavy missile
Civilian Viper bay, Civilian version of fed viper bay, holds 3 vipers
Civilian Thunderhead bay, much cheaper, slightly lighter, holds 2 thunderheads
Steller Grenade, much higher damage and push, lasts longer

You get the idea, basically I'm giving each group their own weapons and outfits, the Feds for example get their own military grade set of blaster.

again, sorry for the random jumble of words, i just enjoy working on SuperNova and want to throw some of my ideas around.

Edit: Slight revision of shuttle and heavy shuttle.

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I would totally try to find time to play this if you can finish it.

Luckily, most of the work is changing stats (Thank you for being so easy to use Mission Computer!), and i have a good idea of whats going to be what, so I hope to have it done within the next few months 🙂

Unless My old G4 Dies on Me :wacko:

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