Collision problem?

Hey there,

So I'm trying to add a ship to EV:O, though I will note that I am playing EV:O through EV:N via a file switch up. I'm using mission computer for this purpose. My problem is as follows:

The ship is in, it's working in game, I can fly it about, outfit it, the stats are all right, but nothing that shoots at me can hit me. Everything just passes through. I've browsed about the Ships part on mission computer but can't find anything that would cause this. Have I missed a section that is vital to collision or something? I've got 2 dëscs, 2 PICTs, an rlë8 and rlëD, a shän and a shïp in the plugin.

The ship I've added is rather large so it's not a case of the shots merely missing, even missiles are just passing through me.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what could be causing this?


Welcome to the boards! From what you’ve said, tthere are no obvious resources missing, but there are a few possible causes for such an issue.

The game uses your ship’s mask to calculate collisions, but if you can see your ship on screen properly, I think we can rule out that problem. You didn’t by any chance give your ship ID 895, the ID reserved for the escape pod, did you?

A screen shot of the window for your shïp resource (Command-Shift-4, press space, then click the window) would also help us diagnose it.


Yes, that is exactly what I've done...

Oops! :duh:

Thank you so much, this was driving me mad, I was clicking furiously looking for something that was making the ship invincible! XD

Glad to be able to help. 🙂 It’s a fairly common mistake — giving your ship the highest permitted ID number sounds like a good way to avoid conflicts.

I have another problem/question, I figured it wasn't worth making a new thread for it.

I'm trying to use the burst function for hangars, so that AI ships i've made who are reliant upon fighter support can fight for longer, but don't launch every ship at once. It doesn't seem to be working.

The burst function works fine when I use one of the ships, I can only launch 20 then have to wait one minute, for example, but whenever an AI uses it, they ignore the burst and just plough out as many ships as they can.

Is it possible to make it so AI will adhere to the burst limits?

Point of interest: 20 fighters is a lot. The Nova engine can only handle 64 ships and -- what is it, 128 WEAP shots? -- in a system at any one time.

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It would help if you could take a screenshot of the weapon in Mission Computer and post it here.

The fighters are weak compared to the carriers, so they don't stay on screen for long. If it would help to explain, I'm trying to make a battlestar galactica mod, so basestars fielding massive amounts of raiders is something of a requirement.

Here's the weapon resource:

Posted Image

As I said before, it makes me adhere to the burst limit with no problems, it's just that the AI don't adhere to it. I'm just wondering if its even possible to make them adhere to it.

I know the AI adheres to burst counts with regular weapons such as missiles and projectiles. I suppose it's possible the hardcoding for fighter bays is different enough the AI doesn't know how to use burst counts in that respect. To be fair I don't think anyone's tried giving a fighter bay a burst count before, so it's probably not something the devs thought to check.

Again, I know for a fact the AI does follow the rules of burst reload. If they didn't QLBTs wouldn't work right when used by the AI. The only other thing I can think of is the rules being different in the case of fighter bays. I would suggest instead checking the flag for 'multiple weapons fire simultaneously' and give each ship equipped with bays several of the bays in question. Just give the bays long standard reload times so they'll launch several at once and then wait before launching again.

Huh...that's a really good idea. I'll try it out. Thanks!

Yeah, I was pretty sure AI adhered to regular weapon limits, I guess they don't follow it with hangars because the AI is made to constantly launch and collect its fighters, so they'd end up undefended as soon as their first fight was over.

Anyway, thanks again, I'll try that idea out and tell yas if it works. X)

Works pretty well. The only problem is that instead of deploying a squadron in one go, the AI space them out so there's an even flow of ships. Can't seem to get them to just sling a bunch out then wait.

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