Poll about replacing SpinApp with a new Sprite Maker

Poll: SpinApp (4 member(s) have cast votes)
Replace SpinApp
Keep SpinApp as is
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Make a new SpinApp based on Sprite Maker
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Basically, I'm curious if people would prefer me to make a new SpinApp based off the Sprite Maker from my new game Star Devastation or to just leave SpinApp as a Java app. It would include a mask creator instead of alpha channel creator. It would also retain the spinning capability of SpinApp, but I'm not sure there's any real demand for a new SpinApp. The main reason I ask, is because I know SpinApp can't handle big images, and while the browser based canvas can only handle so much (based on the browser and settings) it should be much greater for most people.

(to access the Sprite Maker, wait for the game to load, then choose Editor->Sprite Maker)

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I'm currently using p2s so I don't really need a new sprite-making tool. Still, SpinApp is pretty dated. If I were to choose, I'd say make a new tool.

SpinApp is fairly dated and would benefit from an update, in my opinion. Then again, I've all but divorced myself from the EVN plug-in developing community; I'll probably never use either SpinApp (again) or a successor.

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