Okay, this is really bugging me...

But A.I. jamming does not seem to be working. I've been, very slowly, working on a Colosseum update and one of the opponent's gimmicks is that missile weapons do not lock onto him at all. Yet giving him 100 Jam value does nothing, even when the weapons in question have 100 Jam vuln. Is 100 really 1% chance or something? I'd rather not outright ban certain weapons from these opponents since that'd be kind of silly.

I do not duplicate this. AI ship jamming works when it comes from outfits, and works when it comes from gövt. It works against other AI-fired missiles, and against player-fired missiles. It works when the missiles have “Turns away if jammed” and when they do not have that flag. I only tested 100% jamming.

That response caused me to take another long, hard stare at the govt and ship resources, to see what I was missing. It turns out, if a ship does not have an inherent govt, it will not inherent that government's jamming values when it is given that government as a fleet, dude, or pers as giving the opponent in question the inherent govt type made his jamming suddenly work.

I have no idea if that's intended or a bug, but I want to say the latter. No ships in Colosseum has an inherent government, so this is going to require editing all of them. 1.4 may turn out to be a cruel awakening to missile users.

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Damn you JTH!!

(though I'm still looking forward to playing it)

Don't worry too much. Now that A.I. jamming is working, it turned out it was waaaaay overpowered. Like, to the point where Heat Seekers and Electrons were totally useless. So, I nerfed it. It's still becomes significant as you advance, but your missiles are still more or less effective.

Ok, now there's a new issue bugging me. The A.I. on a couple of opponents breaks itself some how. It will suddenly stop shooting certain weapons at all, including PD weaponry which should be firing when anything is close, no matter what, even though it should have plenty of ammunition and energy for them. This can result in the A.I. flying up to the player and doing nothing more than staring menacingly at them. I'm not sure what is causing this. At first I thought it was the A.I. borking up speed calculations, but it can happen against a slow player ship as it does a fast one. I'm not sure what's causing it. I've turned on and off the swarm behavior flag. Warship vs. Interceptor doesn't seem to affect it. Changing around the other weapons doesn't seem to matter, though not all weapons are affected.

First thought: how much gunfire is in the air already?

Worst case scenario, mine and his. When I was testing to see if I could keep it from ceasing to fire, just its. And sometimes even then it'd fire the weapons for maybe half a second and then cease shooting altogether. None of the weapons in Colosseum can even begin to consider coming close to hitting the max shot cap in that time frame.

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