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Hey guys, it's me! Remember when I said that I was working on an expansion for JoshTigerheart's CTC called CTC-Capital Ships? Well, it's been about 3 years and a few odd months since I started and things are looking rather bleak for the project. I have absolutely zero motivation to even look at EV Nova, much less pour in the time, blood, tears and sweat it would take to finish this plug-in. Which has gotten a long way I should add, further than CTC-M got with a few placeholder weapons and one ship.

So with JoshTigerhearts blessing I'm releasing this small begotten gem into the wild. Before listing what's in it, here's the download link to it. (11.7 MB)

CTC-C Alpha 3 revision 5 features:

  • Completed descriptions for all outfits and ships

  • The longest desc in any TC or Expansion. (Yes, even from Arpia 2)

  • User made graphics for all ships and some outfits

  • Fully function tournament progression (I think... It might not tell you when you've advanced a rank)

  • Well balanced weapons and customizable ships

Pretty much the only thing that's missing is a storyline and the ship(s) to go with it. I'm pretty sure I was shooting for something along the veins of the Arctic Fox, except I would give the player a choice of going with the renegades (the game's 'hard' mode) or helping fight against them.

There are several text documents I've included that detail my plans for some of the items in the game, such as outfits, story, ships and personalities you'd meet in missions. There's also a just started document that lists the outfits that each of the AI ships would have if they were player ships. I have noooo idea what I did that for, I was probably trying to make sure that the boss ships you meet when you progress to the next level didn't violate the laws of mass and energy, and were possible for the player to buy and build. Yikes? Yikes.

There is a concept map I had for the storyline, since I intended on putting branches in the storyline. I'll try to get that up by tomorrow.

Good hunting folks. Feel free to download and play it, ignore any mentions of "if you have this plug-in it means you stole it" yada yada, and if you find bugs go ahead and jot them down in this topic. If somebody wants to finish it, feel free to ask me questions about either in this topic or via PM. I'll be having replies to this topic sent to my email so I don't forget about it.

Question: what's the 'Outfit Availability Patch' plug-in for?

It fixes the require bits so you can see all the capital ship outfits when you start using the cap ship char and all the fighter outfits when you start using the fighter char. It's so you don't see outfits for fighters while you're in a capital ship, mainly.

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