I'd like to point out that there is an IRC chat channel for plugin development discussion on irc.ambrosia.net at #evdc. It is sadly neglected at the moment, but with a little more activity it could be an interesting place to hang out, swap favorite modding tricks, discuss plugins and TCs (past, present, and future), arrange collaborations on projects, and more. I can recommend Colloquy as an IRC client for Mac, if you don't have one, but I'm not sure what clients are good on a PC machine. Anyway, I hope that some of you stop by!

A good client for PC is mIRC. Alternatively, if you don't want to install any software, you can use mibbit online (Mac and PC). However, I would recommend using anything BUT mibbit if you can avoid it.

I've been idling in there for years, myself, but I don't think there's ever been a time with more than 3 of us in there since I started it. Would be cool to see more activity there, though, certainly.

Trillian works well for PC, but they have recently gone to a very annoying ad-supported system that every five minutes interrupts your conversation with a huge "BUY TRILLIAN PRO! HERE'S ALL THE AWESOME STUFF YOU CAN HAVE!" unless you upgrade to Pro for $12 a year.

I've also been playing with Pidgin as an IRC client. It's a little unwieldy, but it works. I've heard about Miranda IM, but I have not tested it. Both Pidgin and Miranda are open-source freeware.

Oh, and I've heard Adium is extremely good, but only works on Macs. Haven't played with it as my Mac is currently out of commission pending a full system reinstall and VMware apparently can't seem to recognize a single external device on my HP notebook for me to get any programs on the Mac virtual machine.

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Pidgin is kinda nice (I mean, it's nice for a Linux client), but I definitely like Adium (which is built from Pidgin's IRC library, libpurple) a lot more. Adium isn't as good as Colloquy if you're just going to use it for IRC, but the fact that Adium does IRC and pretty much every form of IM known to man is a benefit. Adium is also highly customizable and an active project.

I'd forgotten about the existence of #evdc. I shall resume my idling there.

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