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How do you create a NEW sound?

I can create any kind of resource except sound. If I try to make one, it tells me "no editor or template could be found for resources of type snd". What do I need in order to make a new sound?

Come to think of it, the only plug-in editor that will allow you to listen/edit/create snd resources is EVNEW. I think Nova Tools can do it too, but it requires Resedit, which is OS 9 software.

Shouldn't you be working on rectifying that, David Arthur? πŸ˜›

Hmmmm, well I DO have ResEdit for OS9 (trying to make sounds for Classic), and I can't find Nova Tools for download anywhere - or at least anywhere where the site still functions.

Yet this can't be all there is. Classic had plug-ins ages before some of the more sophisticated plug-making editors were created, and they had all kinds of sounds. Surely there must be some other way...?

Haha, nevermind, I got it to work. πŸ˜‰

What I was doing was copying a resource using ResEdit, and trying to paste it into MissionComputer. Shoulda stuck with ResEdit the whole way. I'm dumb. πŸ˜› Don't mind me. All's fine!

Wait - nevermind, I take that back.

In MissionComputer when I test the sound, I hear it just fine. I've set the sound for the weapon properly I'm sure, but when I fire the weapon, no sound. =( cries

Unfortunately, Nova has some fairly strict requirements on the bitrate of sounds for various uses. I don't recall what they are offhand, but I know for weapon sounds they're even stricter than for planet landing sounds.

This kinda sucks because it means that not only do you have to convert mp3s to the more space-intensive format, but you have to downsample them (usually making them sound like crap) too.

I'm pretty sure the weapon sounds are 8 bit mono at either 16 KHz or 32 KHz. I don't remember either, but I'm positive it's 8 bit mono. Indeed, all the other sounds are a lot more forgiving than the weapon sounds.

The sound format used by EV Nova is an antiquated one for which most of the editors are long gone, and as Lindley and JacaByte have said, the game imposes additional restrictions on which sub-types you must use. I recognise the value of adding a 'snd ' encoder of some sort to MissionComputer, but it would be an ambitious project (in part because support has been waning on the development end as well).

Gidoza: Unfortunately, it isn't possible to cut and paste resources between ResEdit and MissionComputer; the older programme saves them to the clipboard in a format which I do not have the facilities to read.

An upgrade to the sound support would, I think, be the single most useful thing to hope for in a future EV Nova version....

Has there been any improvements over the last ~2 years from this post or am I stuck with the sounds EVN comes with?

@artemis, on 16 April 2011 - 12:48 PM, said in snd in EV:

Has there been any improvements over the last ~2 years from this post


@artemis, on 16 April 2011 - 12:48 PM, said in snd in EV:

or am I stuck with the sounds EVN comes with?


A combination of SoundConverter and SndSampler can convert from most formats (such as mp3) to the appropriate type for EV: Nova. Other programs may also be able to do so, have a look around. It’s up to you to actually record, synthesize, or otherwise generate the sound itself, however.

I refer you to the audio guide on Guy’s EV Stuff.

Quicktime 7 Pro now exports into System 7.

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