DITL/DLOG resources and Windows EV:Nova

Question about the port...

Does the Windows port of EV:Nova use the DLOG and DITL resources? If so, how are they handled? If not, how are dialog box layouts handled?

Sorry, I have no idea. The WIndows port was not done in-house. Perhaps somebody in EV Developer's Corner would now. Moving the topic over there.

Heh, kind of the irony is that we'd been talking about it here on the DC, and at the time I posted that, we weren't sure.

@evan-smith, on 12 April 2011 - 09:28 AM, said in DITL/DLOG resources and Windows EV:Nova:

Sorry, I have no idea. The WIndows port was not done in-house.

Well, who did the Windows port? Maybe we can contact them and find out.

The reason we're trying to find out is that David Arthur has at long last released a partial Windows alpha of his Mission Computer program, which, with its graphical interfaces for many resource types (for instance, a starmap for the SYST and NEBU types), is far superior to EVNEW. However, EVNEW does not edit the DLOG and DITL resources, and we want to find out if we can actually edit them.

My understanding was always that the port was set up to use the DITL/DLOG resources in creating its dialogue boxes, replicating the standard Macintosh functionality. EVNEW is not particularly a guide as such; it was created by a different person after the port had been made.

Win Nova most definitely uses DITL/DLOG resources, as Qaanol already said (though for some reason it forces dialog sizes to even dimensions). There's no reason to think it doesn't - the EV/O ports and also rEV rely on them. EVNEW also can't edit the radar interference ppat resources but the game uses them just the same.

DA, was the NovaTools shän code of any help to you?

To be honest, I haven't really looked at it in any depth, but I suspect it will be quite useful when I have time to start a project on the scale of a shän editor.

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