Making ship hostile to each other

trying to test something for balance, check this out

Ok, I am trying to make a "testing grounds", if you will, in which to pit AI ships against each other for the purpose of balancing their combat ability.

I made a plug that takes the syst "Hannaford" and removes all the dudes, and then adds two custom ones each with a 100% chance of appearing.

The two dudes each have one ship with a 100% chance of appearing, which are the two ships I am intending to force to fight. The dudes each have a custom govt which are copies of the fed and auroran govts respectively, with these changes:

maxodds changed to 1000
classes changed to 1 for the fed govt and 25 for the auroran govt, rest set to -1
allies all set to -1
enemies changed to 25 for the fed govt and 1 for the auroran govt, rest set to -1
of all the checkboxes, only "Xenophobic" and "Never attacks player" are checked (for both govts)

when I go to the system the desired ships arrive, but then only land and then hyperspace away, they do not fight. the two ships that I'm trying to get to fight each other are a fed destroyer and an auroran cruiser. if you can tell me a better way to do this, why its not working or anything at all really, please do so.

What's the inherent AI set to in the düde? It needs to be Interceptor or Warship for them to fight. If it's Weak Trader or Brave Trader then they won't fight unless attacked.

nvm, got it.

results for 1 random fed carrier vs. 1 random aur. carrier: 7-4 fed lead

for fed destroyer vs. aur. cruiser: 5-0 aur lead

after some modifications to fed destroyers, the destroyer vs. cruiser score is now 7-1 aur lead.

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