Legal status

I don't recall all this stuff, I haven't made any complex nova plugs in a while.

I have a mission that increases the player's legal status when the player completes it. I want the player to lose legal status with the same government when the player fails the mission.

My original plan was to use the remove 5x status on abort flag, and trigger an auto-aborting hidden mission on mission failure that reduced the player's legal status accordingly. But I can't seem to get it to work right.

Ideas on how to do this?

Missions aborted using the On Abort or Axxx NCB will not give legal. I'm not sure how much, if any legal is lost on Fxxx.

Also note, that I've yet to see OnFail work, although I've heard that if the mission can't be aborted then it will work.

I tried to test this using a modified AbsoluteMinimum to remove all other variables, but I couldn't load it.

AbsoluteMinimum won't load under 1.1 on OSX. Ideas?

I haven't started tc strings yet, but doesn't it give you a good status with the government of a certain class , and then automatically give that class' enemies a bad reputation.

I could figure it out if I could get absoluteminimum to load so I could make a test environment.


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