Minor Issue: Weapon with Two Modes

A 2-mode weapon requires two WEAPs, but how do I work the OUTFs?

Okay, I posed this technical question earlier on the EVN:UGF thread, but here it goes again.

In three separate instances in EVN:UGF, I have a weapon that can be used to both attack ships and bombard SPOBs. I know that I need two WEAP resources to pull this off, and I already flagged the "bombard" WEAP as "AI does not use." How do I make the weapon available to the player?

Vetoing my initial solution (an OUTF that points to both WEAPs), DarthKev suggested that I put the ship-to-ship WEAP into the SHIP resources' WEAP fields, and make the ship-to-surface WEAP into an invisible outfit that is granted when the player purchases the standard mode (or the ship). What do I need to do to make the weapon not appear in the Player Info, Shipyard, or Outfitter dialogs, but have it still present and usable? Is leaving the Short Name, etc. fields blank sufficient, or do I need to do something special?

Right now all I know is I need to Gxxx the bombardment OUTF when the ship or the other OUTF is bought, and Dxxx it when the OUTF is sold.

Hmm, I thought I was clear enough...

The ship-to-planet mode's outfit should be on the ship itself, in the ship's outfit field. Any outfits a ship comes with are never listed in the shipyard info, even if that outfit points to a weapon. You only need to Gxxx the ship-to-planet mode when the player buys the ship-to-ship mode. However, you need to have the ship-to-ship mode Gxxx the ship-to-planet AND itself. Just having it Gxxx the ship-to-planet would have it only give the player the ship-to-planet, not the ship-to-ship.

As for making the ship-to-planet mode not show up in the player info box, you're close, but there's one crucial step you still need: the 'shows in ranks' flag. That coupled with blank outfit short name fields makes the outfit completely invisible in-game.

Don't think I missed anything...

Just to be clear, for OUTF 128 that provides WEAP 128 and OUTF 129 providing WEAP 129, I need to:


OnPurchase: G128 G129
OnSell: D129

Oh right, you need to Dxxx both, too. I thought I forgot something. 😊

You can "hide" the outfit by leaving all the name fields blank. You can use a semicolon



To name the resource something useful for you to make the plug, eg:

128 <name of outfit - nothing in this case> ; <name you use to make it make sense when developing>

To hide it in the outfitter dialog give it a techlevel above any planet's techlevel, and make sure that techlevel is not included in the specialTech field of any spob or it will be available to buy at that spob.

Stock Nova's hidden outfits do this with 9999 I think.

Thanks for clearing up the problem, guys.