Assistance with Plug-in fixing.

Working on fixing some plug-ins for intercompatability.

I am trying to get some plug-ins from the plug-in directory adjusted so that they don't conflict, and having a bit of a headache from it. The plug-ins I am trying to make cross-compatible:

All Strings
Planetary Domination Rewards
Plug-in Pack v18
Qaanol's Fixes v1.1

If I could get come assistance with this endeavor, I would be extremely grateful, as my own attempts on this matter have only caused me a severe headache.

If this is not possible, for whatever reason, please let me know, as I would like be made aware if I am simply hitting my head against a wall.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

--- I am, for the record, a Window EV Nova player.

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The main problem when making plug-ins compatible is there isn't an infinite number of any resource type. Plug Pack v18 also uses a great deal of these resources, making it very difficult to make most plug-ins compatible with it. I don't know if making the four compatible is outright impossible, but it would definitely be difficult as you yourself have found out.

I can't offer assistance in the form of working on it with you, but I can offer some advice: rather than make them compatible but separate, I suggest you combine them into one plug-in, if you aren't trying to do that already. Start with Plug Pack as the base for the new plug-in, then go through the other three and add in their resources, making alterations as needed.

Given that this post deals with plug-in development, I'm just going to move it to the EV Developer's Corner board. 🙂

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