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I have a bomber that instead of staying away and using its missiles, comes close to shoot at me with its underpowered guns. Actually none of my ships use their secondary weapons. How do I get them to use missiles? I'm using EVNEW.

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Can you post the plugin here for us to look at?

Also, I'd suggest for a missiles ship selecting "Use Standoff Tactics"
Does the ship have missiles and ammunition in its weapon fields?

Ok. Here is the ship part that I use to add and test the ships and their behaviors as well as the fleets and dudes. When you start there will be no intro so just click and then land on earth because the little nova shuttle is no match for any of my ships and there are pirates that will probably attack you. Everything is free so feel free to experiment. I have tried to change the escort type or something and made everyone my enemy and they don't shoot missiles or torpedos at me. Please help as I want to implement missile cruisers and other things but if I can't get them to fire secondary weapons I am boned.

Well there's your problem. Your Interceptor Missile, Nova Torpedo, and Photon Torpedo all have the flag 'Never used by AI'. That's why they aren't using them. You didn't see the flag in the list when making the weapons? Odd that only the secondary weapons have that flag turned on, though.

Wow. I completely missed that. I guess I got distracted with all the other things I was doing. Thank you. I guess its true that two pair of eyes are better than one.

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