In-flight ship interface width

Is the in-flight ship interface panel fixed at 194 pixels wide, or is there a way to change its width? In particular, is there a way to make the left edge of the PICT shown as background appear more than 194 pixel from the right edge of the screen, and to make the radar and other active elements display properly there as well?

As far as I know HUDs in EVN can only be a maximum of 194 pixels wide. Their height, however, can be more than EVN's stock HUDs, though making them too long will cut the bottom off on smaller screens. That's basic stuff, though.

It sounds to me like you're trying to rearrange where things are placed on the HUD. I fail to see how this relates to the width of the HUD, however. There's more than enough space to fit everything, even with some enlargement. Now I know you like to have things in a certain fashion, such as perfect squares instead of rectangles. In this case, though, I think the engine is too limiting to do what you want to do.

Bottom line, I think you'll have to settle for standard sized HUDs with whatever you're doing. I suggest getting clever with the arrangements of things in HUDs.

Thanks for the input, DarthKev.

It’s not about rearranging or making perfect squares, just about making things bigger. Common pixel resolutions of monitors have increased substantially since Nova was released in 2002. I have a 1920×1200 monitor, so 194 pixels is barely a tenth of the screen width.

Even if the radar is made a full 194×194, that is less than one 60th (approx 1.6%) the area of my screen. Compare that to a 1024×768 screen, where that same radar covers more than one 21st (approx 4.8%) the screen area. Mine is about 3 times relatively smaller. And some people have 2560×1600 monitors, where the radar is less than one 108th (approx 0.9%) of the screen.

And it is much further away from my focus on my ship at the center of the screen. On 1024×768 the linear distance from center of ship to center of radar is about 587 pixels, whereas on my screen it is about 1084, and at 2560×1600 about 1460.

But if it’s not possible I guess I’m out of luck.

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