plug in updates, best way?

I've often wondered about this but haven't asked til now. When someone submits a plug in, what's the best way to update it with notes, bug fixes and new releases? I've noticed many duplicate plugs in the add-ons section that were updates or something similar. Is there a way to "attach" updates and such to an already submitted plug? Or is there a certain forum that plug authors can post notes about their plugs after submitting them?

I've released a plug called Satori for EVN and have found some things that could use fixes - I checked it extensively before release, but with over 1000 modified resources to check, some things slip through. If I do release an update it will be a while from now once I've found a sizable amount of things to fix/add. Until then it'd be nice to add a note(s) about the plug for users to read that tells them what errors have been found and how to fix them. Is there any way to do such a thing?


That's what the forums are for. Now, I know not everyone uses the forums, but in my opinion; their loss. Anyway, the best thing that I know that you could do is fix everything, and then upload it. In your new description explain that this is a modification/revision/correction to your old plug, and both are needed. If uploading the entire thing, explain so in your description and ReadMe. That's about it.

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Upload a new copy of the plug-in, and call it version 1.0.1. Ideally the version number should be the last item in the file name (and should appear even on the initial version). Call it something like ''.

Include a detailed version history file within the archive itself. The most significant chagnes might also merit a mention in the archive description.

'Update' packages containing only the changed resources made sense in the days of 14.4K modems, but nowadays they create more problems than they solve: new users may have trouble finding the original package to go alongside the update, and will probably end up deciding your plug-in is too much trouble. And never rely solely on the forums, as they're far too ephemeral to be the only place where information can be found.

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