Planent surrenders without sending defense fleet

I'm mostly done porting an old EV plug to EV Nova, and I have rediscovered a quirk that also existed in the original plug-in: every spöb created by the plug-in (not a total conversion) surrenders without sending its defense fleet. However, if you then release it and demand tribute again, the defense fleet appears.

I've tried creating new systems that reproduce existing ones (e.g. Sol) exactly, but the new planets also behave this way (and no, "planet is always dominated" is not set). Any thoughts on this?

Perhaps the problem is that you didn't create a new pilot file after installing the plug-in: certain settings are only initialised when you start a pilot. By the same token, if your plug-in adds përs resources, you'll probably never see any of them under the current set-up.

In case this doesn't solve your problem, however, I'm also moving this thread to the EV Developer's Corner forum, where it will get the attention it requires.

Um. Dumb thought. I really don't know anything about bit-based effects, but could it be the result of something you filled in at the bottom? Or didn't fill in?

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