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So, I rendered a 3d image of a planet, masked it, imported it to missioncomputer, and set up the appropriate resources so that it could be used as a planet sprite. At least I THINK I set it up right… now when I enter the system I set up to use the image as a planet sprite, the screen turns white and evn crashes. I've done it before and done it properly twice, but I can't remember the steps. How do you set up a image to be used as a planet sprite? :mellow:

- Create image
- Create mask
- Import image and mask
- Set up spïn (describe size of image; also, number of frames of image for animated sprites)
- Convert to RLE (Nova shouldn't be using PICT's for any sort of sprite at this point)

Am I missing anything from that list?

which numbers do I enter for resource id's and such ?
Like, what would the steps be if I wanted a Type Number 65 planet?

Could you walk me through the exact procedure you used, including resource ID numbers? That might help us diagnose the problem a little better. It would also be helpful for you to post a debuglog. All you need to do is create a text file called debuglog.txt in the application support folder. When Nova crashes, it might help give some additional information that would be useful as to why this isn't loading correctly.

Let's see…
The Rled Has ID 2069
The Spin Has ID 1069
The sprite size is 1120x642
I would like the planet type ID for the planet to be 69…

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You're sure you have the sizes of the sprite in the correct fields? You also have the spïn pointing to the correct rlëd? Basic stuff, I know, just covering the bases and making sure we aren't missing anything small and obvious. I know EVN can crash if a ship shows up on screen without a graphic assigned to it, so I'm thinking that's what happened here.

You've got the IDs correct, so my theory is something is wrong with the spïn resource, or you put the wrong number into the spöb for its type. One other thing to check is if the spïn resource says to look for an rlëd, an rlë8, or a PICT. It should have rlëd selected.

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I had the number of tiles set to 0x0. 😛
Set them to 1x1 and it worked!
Thanks 🙂
One question…
how do you set custom music for the intro?

For that, you need an mp3 file of the song you want as the new intro. It also must have the .mp3 suffix and be renamed Nova Music or it won't work. The game will load fine, but the music won't play.

Once you've selected a track, you need to get EVN to load it. The only way I know is to get a complete copy of the Nova Files, place the folder in the EV Nova folder (same place you put plug-ins, just not in the plug-ins folder) and then replace the Nova Music file with your Nova Music.mp3 file which is really your new theme.

Unless I missed something, the next time you start up EVN your custom theme will play in place of the standard theme.

Also, there may be an easier way, this is just what I know.

I'm not sure why you need a complete copy of the Nova Files. Just drop any old .mp3 into the Nova folder (under Program Files on a Windows machine, I believe open the application bundle on a Mac,) and make sure to rename it to Nova Music.mp3. Easy peasy.

I know about that, but plugins like Anathema don't replace the Nova Music.mp3.
They just include a mp3 in the plugins folder.

If those plugs are replacing the opening music, they'll need to include that direction. Check the read-me.

Well yeah, that works too. You can put it in the Plug-Ins folder, I forgot about that.

Basically, just get an mp3 file of the music you want and place it in either the EV Nova folder or in the Plug-Ins folder. What else do you need to know?

That's about it. Thanks 😄

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