archive of free graphics?

Greetings. I searched the forums and have found no answer to my question, though I imagine this must have been asked at some point. Does anyone know of any website(s) with free graphics that could be used for outfit pictures. These graphics wouldn't necessarily have to match the graphic style and format of the outfit pictures in EVN, just pictures that could be passable for, say, a tractor beam or a new weapon, etc. I've been searching for pictures online for something that could pass as a tractor beam outfit, but have had no luck. There was a picture from another plug that I tried asking permission to use, but the contact info was invalid.

I'm currently looking for outfit pictures, but it could also be useful to have any number of other things, weapon, ship sprites, landscape pics, sounds, etc.

Does anyone know of such a site(s)?

thank you

Onyx's Shipyard is a good source. It's old stuff, and the images are made for EVC/O (meaning they're 100x100 pixels instead of Nova's 200x200) so you'll need to either enlarge them with extra space around the image or live with pixelated stuff, but they're still good when you need them. That is the only place I know of where you can find free outfit graphics, everywhere else I know of is for ships only and well-known enough you probably already know of it.

For sounds, you could ask Geek. He seems reasonably competent at making sound effects.

ah. This just might work. Thank you.

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