Concept art or original renderings

Specifically, the Polaris Manta

So far, this is the absolute highest quality photo in public existence (that I know of) of the Polaris Manta:

What I'm wondering is if anyone out there on the forum would happen to have either original renderings or concept art (which would match the original renderings pretty good) for the Polaris Manta. I'm working on sort of a re-creation project, and high-quality overhead and "underhead" views of the ship would be an absolute dream. Even better would be a blendr or Maya model with a texture already baked on. If any of you can help, that would be great.


I think it would be really cool to have a collection of awesome EV art (not just the Manta specifically).

Your best bet would be to contact Pipeline, aka Dafydd Williams, who was one of the ATMOS devs and may or may not be the only one still active around here (though Nuada did make a post a couple of months ago). Though I wouldn't count on being able to get your hands on the models. Unless I'm mistaken, those types of materials aren't really handed out. But, I could be wrong.

Didn't the AM guys have some stuff they were handing out after the project fell through (:( )? You might want to search for their posts.

Should be somewhere in the AM files which we uploaded somewhere I think, If not I have a few renders. The textures on this one is partly done by Hudson, the rest by me.

As far as Concept art goes, I'm pretty sure someone on the AM team made some awesome Manta concept art. I don't remember who.

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