Converting Ship Speed to Weapon Speed

...and vice versa!

I tried searching the forums for an answer to this question, but didn't find one: What units are ship speed in?

EV Bible (EVN section) describes weapons speed as "The weapon's speed (pixels per frame * 100)", but ship speed as "Top speed. 300 is also an average value here." I'd like to be able to convert speeds from one to the other, which I can't do without knowing units!

Thanks in advance.

That is a very good question and one I cannot give a definitive answer to. In case no one here knows what units are used for ship speed, or in the case no units that can be recognized by humans are used, I suggest looking at examples from the game. How fast were certain ships? What was their top speed?

Also, from what I've seen, I think weapons and ships use the same units/calculations for speed. I could be wrong, but that is my observation.

I confirm ship speeds use the same units as weapon speeds. On strict play, a ship and weapon with the same speed with move at the same speed. On non-strict play, the player’s ship gets a 50% bonus to top speed. This plug-in will let you confirm that ship speeds and weapon speeds use the same units. Just start a new pilot, select either Light Blaster or Medium Blaster as a secondary weapon, fire and accelerate. Attached File (712bytes)
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Thank you, darthkev and Qaanol!

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