How do I install Nova Templates?

I just recently discovered Rezilla and the Nova Templates created for it to turn it into an EVN Plug-In editor. However, I'm unsure as to how to 'install' the templates. They didn't come with a ReadMe and they aren't a straight plug-in like the RLE Plug-In is.

Anyone know how to install the templates?

In my copy I seem to have pasted the TMPL resources from Nova Rezilla Templates into the Rezilla Templates file within the Rezilla application package at

folder containing Rezilla /

So the instructions are:

Copy the Rezilla Templates file to somewhere outside the application package
Open both that copy and Nova Rezilla Templates with Rezilla
Copy and paste the Nova template resource to Rezilla Templates without deleting anything
Quit Rezilla
Make a backup of the original Rezilla Templates
Move the modified Rezilla Templates back where you found it
Make a copy of some Nova plug-in file you have
Open that copy with Rezilla and try editing it

Thanks Qaanol. I suspected it might be something like that, similar to installing Nova Tools on ResEdit, but wasn't sure. Unfortunately, Nova Rezilla doesn't have a visual display of weapon exit points—something Nova Tools has—like I was hoping it would. My thinking was that if Nova Rezilla had the visual display, I could use it on my MacBook instead of having to transfer files over to my old iMac and use Nova Tools there. Basically, save time. Oh well.

My setup is to run ResEdit with NovaTools in OS 9 under SheepShaver on my Intel MBP. A major advantage there is the emulator runs in a window. There's a pre-configured version of SheepShaver called…that comes with a version of OS 9 already. There might be newer and better versions by now, I don't know.

It was a little tricky to get it up and running but if you follow the instructions and let me know of any difficulties you encounter I can try to walk you through it. The hardest part is getting StuffIt Expander installed within OS 9 under SheepSHaver. Then you're pretty much set.

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Reason for edit: Much as I sympathise with the goal of keeping these tools available, Apple's copyright remains valid, and I can't in good conscience allow the directions for finding Mac OS 9 online to stand.

Yeah, I tried SheepShaver, but couldn't figure it out. Maybe it's time for another attempt...

However, wouldn't the version that comes with 0S 9 count as piracy? Or is that moot now since Apple Inc. has abandoned Classic?

If you own a copy of OS 9 you are legally entitled to use it.

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QUOTE (Qaanol @ Feb 24 2010, 09:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

If you own a copy of OS 9 you are legally entitled to use it.

If this were the clean-cut case, why does installing OS X on non-Apple hardware count as a EULA violation? (A rather ridiculous one, in my opinion; if you have the expertise to do it, you should be entitled to it)

That's counted as a violation because Apple wants you to buy one of their computers to use their operating system on. They don't want you buying one of their OSs and then buying a computer that's not theirs—thus loosing them money—to use it on.

On the topic of SheepShaver, I 're-found' the SheepShaver website, but am turning into a noob just trying to figure out how to download the thing. 😊 Help please?

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QUOTE (Qaanol @ Feb 24 2010, 11:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

If you own a copy of OS 9 you are legally entitled to use it.

That may or may not be true depending on the exact circumstances, but the original distribution of the file is a clear violation of copyright, and leaving it here could potentially expose Ambrosia Software.

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