New ship and fighter bay plugin problem

please help

Hello my name is Martin i am new to forums, last days i been trying to make plugin for new carrier ship with new fighter bay. After few hours spent everything seems to work fine except that new fighter bays / fighters numbers i have in ship seems to decrease while jumping to different system. could some1 tell me what i am doing wrong please?

p.s i checked all plugins / nova files for IDs of outfits ships weapons everything and it looks like theres no compatibility problems. Thanks in advance guys 😛

here is link with plugin i made

This post has been edited by mshape : 20 February 2010 - 10:41 AM won't let me download that file as a free user. It says their servers are busy.

For one thing, I'd recommend compressing it into a .zip file so it's smaller. For another, try a better free hosting site.

So without looking at the plug-in, I'll try to get a bit more information. Are you sure the number of fighter bays is decreasing each jump? And are the fighter ships disappearing from on board your ship, or are they ones you've already launched and they're getting left behind when you jump? Are you using any plug-ins other than this one?

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Zipped plugin file here :



Yes i actually use PlugPackV18 without ShipVariants v2 and NewTargets v3, NeoPlanets Plug-in Beta 2 and Starport plugin which is already with game after install.
Fighter bays tends to disappear randomly ( not every time) after system jumps same with fighters - only fighters on board of myship im 100% sure of that .
e.g before jump i have 12 fighters after i jump to Sol i have 10 next jump i have still 10 but another i have 7 and next jump i have no fighter bays and 5 fighters etc. 😮

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I still can't seem to download your file, even after the new sites you've put it on. Also, I can't think of any way your problem could be occurring (other than a corrupt file somewhere) other than there is a cron or mission that is taking your fighters and fighter bays.

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Thank you so much darthkev, indeed there are crons and missions which are selling ships and outfits in plugins im running because i deleted few Spica Shipyard build orders e.g heavy shuttle and implemented my fighter bay outfits and ships with same IDs because its hard to find free IDs. Didn't noticed missions and crons thought :rolleyes: will fix it now and let u guys know if works.

Yes i did David Arthur, will delete crons and missions what left after building orders and try if works.

Ok, its fixed now thank You so much everybody 🆒 🆒 🆒 🆒 🆒 🆒

Topic can be closed.

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Just to check: have you created the oütf resources for the fighter bay (as a weapon) and for the individual fighter (as ammunition)?

We don't really close topics here, mshape. Instead, we leave them open in case anyone has anything else to say on the matter. For example, if there happen to be a few more problems with your plug-in, you can simply ask for help here rather than starting a new topic.

On the topic of your plug-in, I hope to see it finished! It's always good to see new plug-ins around. 🙂

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