0 turn speed

In this topic, Skylark mentioned how ships with <30 degree turn speed default to 30 degree minumum. I'm trying to make a situation where the player cannot turn - i.e. 0 degree turn speed. However, no matter what outfits, etc. I give the player, the turn doesn't drop below 30.

The only solution I can think of is an invisible ship that ionizes the player. Does anyone have a better idea?

Nope, that's about all I can think of. It's also all I've heard in this regard. However, if anyone else has another solution, feel free to prove me wrong. 🙂

Is it possible to give the player an outfit that, using the ion dissipation modifier, ionize the player's ship?

Nope, doesn't work, just tried it. I think this is mostly since a ship getting ionized needs a color of some sort, even if it's black, to cover the ship with when ionized. Too bad, though...

Please refrain from imputing specious reasons on empirical facts.

It doesn't work because the game engine does not interpret negative values in an outfit's Deionization mod type as causing positive ionization. Period. The fact that there is no method to specify the ionization color caused by outfit-based-ionization-from-negative-deionization is separate. Indeed, that latter fact may far more readily be explained by the statement, "There is no way to specify a color for that type of ionization because the game engine does not treat it as ionization whatsoever."

And on topic, it's easy to spawn a ship that fires an ionizing weapon at the player.

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