I cannot get this to work consistently for the life of me. It's been a problem since the release of chapter 2 of Anathema, but it's been on the bottom of the priority list.

Anyways, as most anyone who's played Anathema knows, if you land on particular planets past a certain point, there's a 50% chance that you'll be kicked off and need to land again (basically a disincentive to land at those planets since you may have to do double- or triple-bribes). The way this happens is by running a mission from the spaceports of that govt's planets with a 50% chance and -50 display weight so it doesn't encroach on important missions. It is unrefusable, auto-aborts, and on accept runs q1001. STR#1001 simply reads "Safely back in orbit, you are now free to make another landing."

I don't know what's causing this problem (it seemed to work fine in stock Nova and in Arpia). To make it stranger, it works as intended about 25% of the time. I'm essentially stuck on it, and while I could retool things a bit and explain it away, I'd rather actually fix the problem. Anyone have any ideas?

So the problem is it's not occurring as often as it should? If that's the problem, I suggest upping the probability. Maybe to 75% and see what happens.

Is it perchance working half the time the first time you land on the planet after jumping in or loading a pilot already in the system, but never happening twice in a row if you don't leave the system or reload the pilot?

Actually, it does work twice in a row (albiet rarely due to it not happening as often as it should).

Perhaps, however, I should clarify; the mission itself runs 50% of the time. However, the qxxx bit only seems to evaluate (read: the player only gets kicked off after reading the dësc) around a quarter of the time. Sorry that the original wording was misleading.

I cannot duplicate this. I made an unrefusable autoaborting mission available from the main spaceport of a specific planet, gave it 10000 displayweight, and put Q25077 in the OnAccept field.

If the mission has an offer dësc, whenever it shows up I'm booted off the planet after clicking okay.

If the mission has no offer dësc, I set it to G128 a light blaster before Qxxx and G129 a medium blaster OnAbort. Every time I was booted from the planet I had gained a light blaster and a medium blaster. I never gained either one without being booted. The odds I saw were in line with the odds I gave the mission.

Well, in that case, seeing nothing else to mess with, I guess I'll troubleshoot the display weight. Thanks for checking that out!


Check the mission IDs.

Here's an example based on what I've tested using Mission A and Mission B. You want Mission A to run out of the outfitter and Mission B to run out of the spaceport of the same spob, during the same planetary visit.

If Mission A's ID is higher than Mission B's it won't run if Mission B was triggered. Period. Even with a 100% chance to run.

If however, Mission A's ID is lower than Mission B's you won't have any issues triggering both of them on one visit to the planet.

I noticed this when I was moving some mission IDs around (I'm OCD) to make things a bit cleaner, something you might have done (?)

Very interesting. The mission that kicks you off is ID 128 with a lower disp weight mission (129) occasionally fining you. Could be the problem. Thanks for that juicy little tidbit!

Wow, that's really helpful. I was having a completely unrelated problem, but this may help.

Re: the "force the player off the planet" mission: I'd try it without the other mission. Alternatively, you could juggle mission bits, so only one of the two missions is available at the same time. Maybe use crons to rig it so "the next one will be a 128" or "the next one will be a 129". If necessary, you could try running mission 129 only on a particularly well-defended world/worlds.

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