How do multiple plugs load

I'm pretty sure I read something about this at one point, but i can't find it. Does anyone know how evn decides which plug's resources to use when there are multiple plugs?

thank you

It loads them in alphabetical order. Say you have a plug named 'Awesome Plug' using resource #s 422, 423, and 424. Then say you have another plug named 'Better Plug' using resource #s 328, 360, and 423. Both plugs use #423, however the resource in 'Better Plug' is the one which will be used because it is loaded after 'Awesome Plug' in alphabetical order.

That explain things? 🙂

Thanks a lot! That's really useful to me as I often use multiple plugs that are important to the gameplay i'm looking for.

Same here. I've actually had to edit multiple plugs in oder to make the compatible. I've done this so much in EVN, that I can become a practical god without cheating simply because one plug-in offers highly destructive weaponry that consumes fuel like a rabbit in a carrot patch and another plug-in gives me extremely effective fuel regeneration outfits.

Plug-In creation can be an extremely valuable skill when it comes to plug-in usage. 😄

How is that not cheating? 😛

Well, they're not cheat plug-ins, so it's not cheating. Plus, I'm not invincible. Note I said a "practical god" and not a literal god. I can still die, it's just a little bit harder to. 😛

I'm pretty sure plugs that seriously unbalance the game fit the definition of "cheating." FYI. It's a little like saying, "I didn't cheat. I just creatively bypassed the rules."

Keep in mind, I'm not modifying the characteristics of the plug-ins. Plus, if those plug-ins were made by one person, they would've likely done the same thing to make them compatible. Also, most weapons and outfits added by plug-ins (at least in my experience) require space. All I'm doing, then, is adding more variety to my selection of stuff to put on my ship.

Call it what you will, but I call it 'creative enhancement'. Now, can we get back to the topic of this thread?

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