RLE creation

and photoshop

so i finally figured out how to make RLE's with photoshop. and i am capable on going on with it forever. however, i am also aware that photoshop has the ability to use scripts to accomplish certain task. so my question is thus: how would i go about writing a script to arrange a set of 36 images into a 6 by 6 grid? (could i make it so it works for any amount of images?)

also, the grid goes from top left to bottom right, right?

For Mac, I'd recommend you just use one of w00tware's Sprite suite located here. I haven't used Pics2Sprites in years (I use Movies2Sprites now), but if I recall correctly, you just need to put the sprites in their own folder and them open that folder in P2S. You can also set the parameters for clipping, masking (although it doesn't work that well unless you already have an alpha channel in the frames) and layout.

For Windows, sorry, I really can't help you. I'm sure someone else can though.

ok. i could never get it to work before. it works now. thanks

No problem!

Nice sig, btw. 😉

Of course you'd say that, Archon. :rolleyes:

Then again, it is a nice quote. 😉

Your best bet on Windows is SpinApp. Make sure that you have your pictures numbered in a folder. Make sure the numbers are something like 01, 02, ect if you are in double digits. It does a pretty decent job from there. Granted, it looks like you're on a Mac, but in case there are Windows folks reading this, I felt it should be addressed.

Are you talking about making RLEs, or making PICTs and Masks for making RLEs? If you already have the PICTs and Masks, then Mission Computer can make RLEs.

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