evn original 3d sprites

Does anybody know wher I could get the original 3d models used to make the rled's in nova??? :hector_bird:

Australia. But it'll take a lot of beer.

It was a long time before they released the ones for EVO. They may never release them for EVN. You could learn how to remake them yourself before they do, that's for sure.

I've seen some extremely good manticores, vipers, hypergates, mantas, strikers, arrows... might be forgetting some. The last 3 I have taken a crack at myself.

But if you want to go through the trouble, you might as well have original designs.

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Australia. But it'll take a lot of beer.


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Wrong brand of beer.

It is sad... there's so much that could be done with them...

One of the big reasons my Vell-os plug won't have any new ships is there's no way I could get them to fit in with the other graphics. (That, and I barely know squat about 3d modeling)

I almost think at this point it would be advantageous to release them, to better facilitate plug-in making (I managed to get two of my friends to buy licenses after rambling on about my own plug-in development for a year).

Of course, it's up to them, and it takes a bit of a step to release materials.

Also: Qaanol = genius

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Wrong brand of beer.

My apologies,
Maybe a James Squire then?

Could always introduce the Aussies to New Glarus' Spotted Cow, but James Squire will do.

evo sprites?! were could i get 'em????

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evo sprites?! were could i get 'em????

In the EV Override add-ons section, under 'Guides', I think. Unfortunately, they're only in Infini-D format, so their usefulness in modern 3D programmes is limited, but the accompanying documentation has some interesting facts in it.

To my knowledge all the EVN SPRITES are all there in the data files...

I'm sorry, I've felt an increasing pressure to post that ever since I saw the title of this thread.

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