Mission Bits

Which to use?

If you don't already know, I'm wanting to make an extensive storyline possibly a little more difficult than Arpia, if at all.
I looked through the Nova Bible, and it explained how Mission Bits work, but I still have some unanswered questions. Maybe they were right in front of my face, or maybe I'm not going crazy and this is a pretty decent question.

So, what mission bits have already been used by Stock Nova? Do mission bits only refer to the index number (or ID number) of the next mission itself? If not, what do mission bits refer to?

Thanks for all your help!

You can find all the info you need for starting out in the "all the important links you'll ever need" in the pinned section of this board. Here

Anyway, here's a list of available NCBs. I can't remember where I got it, but is was somewhere on this board. I cannot take credit for the work.

Of course I found it after posting. The credit goes to Guy.

For info on how to use them check here
Have fun

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Hey thanks! This has all been very useful, thank you very much.

EDIT: So basically, I just choose any of the available bits to work with and it should work?

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Yes. You can use any bit you want. Just make sure you keep track of which bits you have used for what or you will have problems!

Jalisurr is right.

I find it's best to write out a list of mïsn numbers along with the bits you intend to use for them. Leave lots of space between them for additions, rewrites, changes, etc., etc.

Just a list of mïsn numbers (ID numbers, Index numbers, or sequence numbers?) with their corresponding bits? Like, what bits are required for each mission and the bits each mission activates on accept/refuse/success/failure/abort?

Also, is there a way I can quickly figure out what bits do what in Stock Nova? I may need to reference a couple of those.


Not that I know of. I used the Walkthrough or looked things up in the Nova Files with Mission Computer

Try this, this or this.

Thanks. Those links were most helpful.

I thught you might like them, though I think two of them are more or less duplicates.

Yes, two are duplicates, but one's a Classic version and one's an OS X version.

Anyway, new question. How do I make mission text appear? I know it requires a mïsn resource, but does it also require a dësc resource? What else do I need for each individual mission?

Yes, you need a dësc. You really only need dëscs for missions, but you may also need to have cargo types defined and to have düdes if you want mission ships.

Ah, okay, so say I wanted to add a new outfit, or ship, or something. Would I need a dësc for those?

You would need a dësc if you wanted it to have a description. Basically, any time you want to display text, you need a dësc.

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Try this, this or this.

Or This.

Wow. Now that is cool. Thank you.

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Or This.

Nice! I'm keeping this one.

On behalf of PC users, may I ask what this is?

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