appear on NCB?

Is there a way to have a gövt appear or come into existence on a NCB or by some other method? I have one govt (1)that becomes an ally to the player, when it appears, but govt 1 is an enemy to another govt (2). I don't want the 2nd govt to be hostile to the player, before the first govt exists.

Does this make any sense? :huh:


Well, there isn't anything like that in the gövt field, but you could just have the systems that are owned by each government appear/disappear on an NCB, with a generic gov controlling the version of the system that is there before. You can also set the dudes and perses of that govt to only appear on an NCB.

So yeah, it is possible, if you put the NCB expression in everything belonging to the govt and make duplicate systems.

So, if that govt's system hasn't appeared, then that govt doesn't exist in Nova? The opposing govt is a regular Nova govt - Vella. The player needs to interact with that govt early in the story and become an enemy later.

I also thought of another possible way, later. If the player's initial rating with the new govt is 0 then it would be 0 with both enemies and its allies and would not attack the player. Then, later in the story, as the player gets good points with Govt 1, his/her status with the enemy govt would be correspondingly bad, which is what I'm after.


The second bit would work. The first bit is a bit of a misinterpretation:
Governments can exist just fine without systems or stellar
Dudes can appear or disappear given an NCB. For example, you could have a Bureau-run RAGE Gunboat dude in a system, established so that it only takes effect after the Bureau takes that system over.
Following that, you could have a government with dudes in various systems, and set it so that none of the dudes appear until an NCB is set (when the govt is established).

I think there's some confusion in the OP's mind about what the gövt resource in Nova does. At heart, a gövt is a legal status. This only affects how shïps and spöbs affiliated with that gövt behave, and what missions are offered at those spöbs.

So a gövt cannot "come into existence". The gövt is always there. If it has an enemy, then raising legal status with that enemy will decrease legal status with the first government. The only way a player can "interact" with the gövt is by interacting with shïps and spöbs affiliated with that gövt. This includes mïsns offered at those spöbs.

In simple terms, each gövt is always there in the form of tracking the player's legal status. The only question is whether there are spöbs and shïps from that gövt to interact with the player, and what form those interactions take.

Thanks - good explanation. There was some confusion about what a govt resource does. I figured out how to make the legal status/enemy/ally whatnots work the way I want in this new story. (I think) :huh:

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