Firefly Ship Plug-in released

As requested previously, I've released a Firefly Ship plug-in which allows you to fly a Firefly-class transport in the normal Nova scenario. The rest of EV Firefly is coming along nicely, but is not quite ready for the same treatment.

The plug has been submitted to the Add-Ons page. It should show up there as within a day or two.

Hope you enjoy!


This is a preliminary release of content which will be part of Escape Velocity: Firefly. It allows you to fly the Firefly-class transport within the normal Nova scenario. It has not been tested in combination with any other Nova modifications. The Firefly-class transport has specs and a price point roughly based on the Starbridge. The Short-Range Shuttle is also included, and may be purchased as a carried ship for the Firefly. Professional Companion not included.

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