requesting assistance (2,000 credits!)

need help mission/planet stuff

Ok so I made some planets, made some systems, some govt's, some ships. All worked fine. heres the killer, I made some basic missions, ferry pass/ delivery stuff. cant get those missions to appear on my new planets!!! in fact no missions appear on my new planets!!! please help. i would also like to make these missions specific to the gov't and its allies. thank you.

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Do your planets have mission BBSs? If they don't, they can hardly display missions in them.

thank you for the reply, i see 20 views and one reply so your awesomer. anyways, yes the planets have the mission bbs though i really didnt see an option to not give them mission bbs. if there is that option tell me where i would find it please. thank you again.

I had the same problem at first. I forgot to select the 'pick up' and 'drop off' buttons. Did you check the pick up cargo and drop off cargo buttons and is the 'offered at' button selected to Mission BBS? Is the random set to 100%? Double check all buttons and fields. I'm using Mission Computer on a Mac.

I don't think you can prevent a planet from having a BBS. You just select it in the mission offer button.

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I'm pretty sure Jalisurr was talking about the "planet is uninhabited" flag, which, among other things, removes refueling services and mission BBS from the planet.

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I use EVNEW on windows, so I don't know anything about Mission Computer. This should be pretty universal, though. A list of things that may be the problem:

Is the planet inhabited?
Is the mission set to appear in the BBS?
Does the mission have a name? (Otherwise, you won't see it. Make sure it doesn't start with a semicolon either.)
Check where the mission is offered (available stellar), and make sure it can be offered at the planet. Try setting it to be offered everywhere at first, to test this. Problems in your planet, gov't, or mission resource could cause problems here.
Available Random = 100
Make sure you have a return stellar set, or you probably won't be able to complete the mission.
You probably don't need an introduction text, but it couldn't hurt. Make a desc with the ID number 4000 + mission ID - 128.
Try leaving "Available Bits" blank at first, in case that's your problem.

I wish you the best of luck!

great thanks for the help...everything checked out normal except the gov't. i have 2 questions: 1. when i fill in the gov't resource do I use the class designation (ex. 10013) or do I use the number (ex. 10128)? and 2. If I am an enemy of gov't "a"and gov't "a" is allied with gov't "b", will any susequent missions offered through gov't "b" be denied on an ally basis?

thank you

Trial and error is your friend here. If my comments don't work, try everything until it works.


1. when i fill in the gov't resource do I use the class designation (ex. 10013) or do I use the number (ex. 10128)?

I think you use the gov't, not the class designation. However, be aware that it may be looking for the "index number" and not the ID number. Index always = ID# - 128. So, the first resource (i.e. light blaster) has an index of 0, so on and up.

QUOTE (The Nova Bible)

AvailStel Which stellar objects (i.e. planets) the mission is available at.
-1 Any inhabited stellar.
128-2175 ID number of a specific stellar.
5000-7047 Stellar in a system adjacent to specific system.
9999-10255 Specific govt's stellar.

I don't know why it starts at 9999 instead of 10000...
As a rule of thumb, if it starts at xx128, it wants the ID number. If it starts at xx000, it wants an index. If it ends at xx255, it often wants an index (otherwise, you could only use the first 128 resources, instead of all of them).
In this case, I would use the index. However, if that doesn't work, try the index - 1 (i.e. 9999 for federation, 10000 for Auroran, etc.).


2. If I am an enemy of gov't "a"and gov't "a" is allied with gov't "b", will any susequent missions offered through gov't "b" be denied on an ally basis?

Not directly, no.

QUOTE (The Bible)

AvailRecord What your legal record in this system must be for this mission to become available.

So, say you want a mission from gov't B. If you tick off their ally, gov A, then B probably won't like you. However, the mission really only cares what gov B thinks of you, and it's quite possible to be friends with B and an enemy of A at the same time. If you're making a plug in, though, be careful about forcing the player to tick off A, and requiring the player to make friends with B in order to get a mission. It's doable, but may make life tough on the player. Unless, of course, that's exactly what you want, you fiend. 😛

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much thanks to you, i will try the index number now and will report back. thank you again.

aawwwrriiigghhhtt!!!! the index number worked. thank you very much to all.

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