Invisible suicide ship

I'm making an invisible ship that kills itself upon jumping in, for the purpose of using the OnShipDone mission field. I can make the invisible ship no problem, but I'm having trouble getting it to kill itself. So far the best idea I have is to give it an invisible weapon with super-short range, a blast radius, and enough firepower to kill itself.

The ship and weapon work fine, but I can't get the guy to shoot it. Currently, it has warship AI, a xenophobic government, a long range guided pea-shooter so that it will feel like it's in range, and a penchant for destroying asteroids. Any ideas?

(I also tried negative shield and armor. No such luck.)

If armor is 0 it will explode as soon as it enters system.
If you want it to explode 10 seconds after entering, put 300 in death delay field.


You can make it kill itself by putting -999 in ammo field in wëap resource.

Huzzah! That worked great. Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks a bunch.

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