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Ok, here is the deal. I'm working on a plug-in that would allow players to buy a firefly of their very own, It will also add Serenity herself to the game as a wandering person you can meet. The problem is that even though it seems like I've done everything correctly, I don't seem to be able to purchase the ship in game, and Serenity never seems to show up. I'm doing the development in EVNEW, whatever the newest version is. I wanted to upload a zip of the file here but it is over 100k. anyone know of any free download hosting space I could get into?


Totaly forgot about the links for everything topic!

thanks for reminding me of doom.

download link is here newest plug-in version available

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you dont need to use zip use guy's plugin archiver

for file uploading go to all the important links you need to know but were afraid to ask for http://www.ambrosias...showtopic=60350

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There is a firefly TC in the works, that may be of interest to you.

it got finished but it had other peoples work in it without permission so it became a private plug

You are thinking of something else. Lindley is working on a firefly TC.

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well the firefly TC would definitely of interest to me, but I would still like to persue my plug; so if anyone has an idea of how I can make it work it would be much appreciated.

2 odd things to report 1 when you start a new character that starts with your ship it says "please christen your brand new ir missles"
and when you actually start the character it says (pilot name) has been killed before i even entered the ship

(that is i didnt get a chance to start playing)

reminding me of doom! LOL

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how do you start a character with a ship other than the default? I've never been able to do that

you create a new resorce char and set it to what you want or you could alter the existing character resorce

that is very strange, I've tried a couple of things to fix it, but it still asks for a name for the missiles and kills you as soon as you create the pilot. I dont have the experiance to be able to figure this out, any ideas are welcome, no matter how crazy they may be

I figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your ship and shan resorces have to high id numbers 876 or somthing is as high as you can go
this is the fixed version

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Note that you need to start a new pilot for new perses to show up.

note to people downloading the revised version you will need to alter the pers ship to the right ship

Though the user of doom appears to be confused on several aspects (I mean, Guy's plugin archiver? That's a mac program - Flayzer is on a PC, hence his use of .zip archives and .rez plugin files) he is correct on the cause of the problem. The Nova engine has a limit to the number of shďp resources, and hence has a maximum resource ID that it will recognise. The highest resource ID is 89 5 (not 896) but that's reserved for the Escape Pod, so you'll need to choose an ID lower than that (and if you want to avoid conflicting with any of the default resources, higher than 414).

On a side note, of doom, I don't want to sound rude, but can you pay a little more attention to grammar, spelling, capitalisation and punctuation? Only it's a little hard to read your posts at times.

Edit: Also, follow your own advice, hey? Use Guy's plugin archiver when compressing plugins on the mac, not OSX's built-in .zip utility. Users on PCs, such as Flayzer, will be unable to properly extract the plugin.

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ok. I will keep all that in mind.

well now that I know what the problem is I'll just edit my file here and then I can put up a new download link for beta testing if people are interested/ have suggestions

and now a new problem arises. Now when you start a new pilot you see lots of fireflys spinning in circles in big white boxes, and they can't be targeted. My first concern is getting rid of the white boxes, then I can worry about the lack of AI.

here is the new file Serenity beta 1

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I've eliminated the problem of the random spinning ships by just getting rid of the dude resource, I wasn't going to keep it anyway. the problem of the white boxes remains though dispite many attempts to remove it. I've also made the ship smaller so it looks like its more to scale.

Serenity beta 1-2

test pilot with firefly starting ship

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Success! I have eliminated the white box!

Here is the new version: Serenity beta 1-4

If anyone has suggestions for stuff to add let me know. Eventually I'll add engine glow and other fancy stuff.

Ok. So. Sniffling aside, Rapidshare deleted the file. Now, Ive been hunting for a Firefly ship for a while. I am well aware of the Firefly TC. but I'm still playing EV Nova, and really like the vanilla game frankly. I just want a Firefly for my game. I can't wait for the TC, but they are freakishly busy, and I highly doubt that they would release the ship for me.

If anyone could post a working link, I would be ETERNALLY grateful. I know, this thread is MONTHS old, but I am desperate, I PMed the Author.. so far no response.




I put together a plug for this very purpose several years ago, but never released it. I'm currently waiting to hear back from some colleagues on the Firefly TC project as to whether or not it should be or will be released. I'll keep you apprised and let you know what the decision is.

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