Need new Graphics for two ships

the Auroran Carrier and the Raven

I need help with doubling the size of and adding detail to the auroran carrier and the raven.
I was hoping that somebody has accesses to the original 3D models (say someone from the ATMOS team maybe)
could re render these two ships at twice their original size and at 72 frames for me.
Yes , i know thats a lot to ask for , but otherwise the Auroran Carrier will look like this:
Attached File Auroran_Carrior.jpg (22.48K)
Number of downloads: 70

Thank You for your time πŸ™‚

pipeline has access to the files, but I doubt he would fulfill your requests. It's not a personal matter of any sorts, though, so don't take it offensively.

Progress update!

While i still need new graphics for the auroran carrier and polaris raven , I've discovered a new up scaling algorithm , so the quality of the ship graphics for my upcoming plugin (which i have dubbed "Better Nova" unless any of you have any suggestions) has improved quite a bit.

Before:Attached File Example_1.jpg (12.98K)
Number of downloads: 44After:Attached File Example_2.jpg (13.54K)
Number of downloads: 48

Glad to see you found a solution that works for you. I like the idea of larger ships. Name sounds a little cheesy though...

QUOTE (Sp3cies @ Jul 29 2009, 11:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Name sounds a little cheesy though...

Very cheesy to be precise 😊 , "Better Nova" is just a placeholder name until somebody comes up with a better one. I've tried to think of a better name (NewBalance , ReBalance , Nova Rebalance) but I'm not good with names. If you have any ideas i'd love to hear them. πŸ˜‰

Heh, my names are no better to be honest... All the planets/space stations in my plug all have the name of the system and then a number behind them to distinguish them. At some point I will fix that but for now it makes it pretty easy to edit as well cause I know where everything is supposed to be.

Now that I've thought about it "Nova Debalanced" or "Out of Balance" sound fairly cool. Opinions anyone?



No, wait…

Unglued might work , or maybe Unplugged.

Minor gravedig, but I had a bit of a moment of brilliance. Call it "SuperNova."

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