Moving Systems on the Star Map...

...en mass!

So I'm messing around with Mission Computer and I just realized that a bunch systems that I added to the star map are in the wrong place (in that they are too far in a certain direction). Is there any way for me to take a large grouping of sÿs resources and modify their x and/or y coordinates by 30 points or so? If so can I do it in Mission computer or do I need something like Rezilla?


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ConText -> Open spreadsheet -> Increase entire column by 30 using your favorite spreadsheet technique -> Save -> ResStore

Sorry, maybe I should clarify. All I have is Mission Computer and as far as I can tell I can only edit each system individually (not a large group at once). How do I pull a group of these coordinates out of the plug, modify them (which seems pretty easy to do), and shove them back in.

Maybe there's an obvious answer I'm not thinking of. Just let me know.

There are applications that can convert a plug-in to a TEXT spreadsheet file, and back again.
When in spreadsheet form, the coordinates for the mis-aligned systems can be edited.

ConText and ResStore

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It probably would have taken less time to do it in MC than to post about it 😉

Thanks for your help in clarifying what Qaanol was saying (and for the links to ConText). And yeah, I probably could have done it manually but I'm realizing that I actually have to move over 200 systems and I kind of have to fine tune the results (forcing me to move them over and over again). So I really wanted to understand the right way of doing it to save me time in the future.

Anyways, Thanks again.

Don't ConText and ResStore require ResEdit in order to function, which is an OS 9 only application?

They didn't seem to. I downloaded them from the link above and they worked fine on my non-Intel Mac OS 10.4.

All you need to do is drop your plug file onto ConText, specify what resources you want pulled, and it spits out a text file which can be opened in a spreadsheet program (like excel). Once you are done editing, drop your text file onto ResStore and it will spit out a resource file.

It's pretty straightforward if you read the ReadMe.

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