I see it in MC, but what does it mean?

When creating a ship in Mission Computer I notice a little area called "Key carried." What does this mean? What are keys and what do they do? More importantly, how can I use them to make the game more fun? Thanks for any help.

You may assign a shïp (Ship A) to have one particular type of shïp (Fighter B) as its KeyCarried. Here "carried" means carried like a fighter.

You may assign Ship A to use a different graphic when it is carrying at least one fighter of type Ship B.

You may make a wëap (Weapon C) that can only be fired by a ship that has at least one of that ship's KeyCarried fighter on board.

Note: It is fully possible to make a ship be its own KeyCarried.

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The obvious use that comes to mind is a carrier that shows fighters onboard when it is carrying some, and shows an empty fighter deck when it has none.

I see, thanks for clearing that up.

Or a detachable ship section (a la Enterprise).

I have another plugin related question and I figured I'd ask here rather than start a whole new thread. For many Polaris missions the cargo type given to the player is called "scanner," however when looking at the misn in MC the cargo type is "21" or "Fuzzes." How do I make cargo with a specific name? Say I wanted to transport Rabbits for a certain mission, is there any way to do that? Thanks again for any help.

Does the graphical effect on Key Carried ships take place in flight, or do you have to land and take off for it to take effect?

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