AI is not "plundering"

I have the "Plunder/capture enemy ships before destroying them" box checked, is there something else that needs to happen(or not happen) before they actually do this?

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They will not plunder AI military ships ( Fighters/Warship Class Vessels ).

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Bugger. Well good to know, thanks.

EDIT: Wait hold on they are killing the freighters too...

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Try switching all their weapons to "Disable Only" and see what happens.

Then they just fly off when they can't do anymore damage don't even attempt to board the ship.

Hmmm. If the govt isn't set to Xenophobic, try that and see if it works.

Nope doesn't help any, I also tried making them Xenophobic and not have an enemy in the gövt resource that didn't work either. I switched off the "disables but cannot destroy ships" option and tried that too... Nothing.

Are these ships spawned by a mission, or just normal ships flying around?

Perhaps if you upload a plug-in with all relevant gövt, mïsn, düde, and shïp resources (and any graphics/weapons/etc. needed to make them work) we can take a look.

Just normal ships flying around.

EDIT: How do you want me to send the files if I do that?

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You can actually include attachments on this forum. Do a full reply, and below the text box is an "attachments" section, max size 100K.

It's bigger than 100k...

QUOTE (Sp3cies @ Jul 28 2009, 07:38 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

It's bigger than 100k...

you could always compress it if it's just above 100k
or split it into more than one peice.

Heh, the lot of it compresses down to 5MB. Besides I have a lot of graphics that I have used from other plugs and I feel a little weird putting it up here. Mhm, if I get closer to finishing it and this stuff still isn't worked out I will ask about it then I guess.

If I were you, I'd just make a plug in with the problem you want to demonstrate. I.e. just the dudes, or missions, or whatever. It shouldn't need many graphics. Alternatively, you could find a free online file hosting service. is a decent one.

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Do you just want the gövt resource and the düde in a file? In that case I can easily enough pop that in a separate file it just sounded like Qaanol wanted the whole thing.

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