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As I've said in a few topics recently, I'm very, very near done with development of Anathema. Of course, this doesn't mean close to release; what it means is close to Beta. So, for those interested in beta testing, send me an email ( If you want to send me a PM or indicate your interest here, feel free, but I'd like to have one place that has record of all those interested.

For selection, first dibs go to those who beta-tested Chapters 1-2 (how's that early model Myrmidon working out for you? 😉 ) Also, everybody who contributed content, even if I didn't use it, get first crack. This includes anybody who sent sounds, graphics, or tested out bugs post-beta.

After that, I'd prefer those who have at least some experience with plugin editing in Nova, especially regarding complex bit expressions (there's a lot of it). However, not having experience doesn't count you out by any means. Either way, a short list of your familiarity with EV Nova and plug-in writing/testing would be appreciated (and boost your chances).

Perks will include a tester-submitted përs in the final release as well as a short (meaning ~1-3 mission) string that you can write yourself or contract out to me. You will also, of course, get a special mention in the thankyous.

Finally is timetable. As I said, I'm not quite finished with Anathema yet, and after development comes alpha testing. Since I haven't tested a great deal of chapter 4, it may take me a good week or so to get it playable depending on how much I screwed up on the first time through. I'm just putting the word out early for my own convenience and yours.

Thanks for reading! I'll update this thread from time to time to let you all know how it's coming!


P.S. For anyone who would like to help me get myself in shape and wrap this project up, see this thread. 🙂

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I'm in. I've been happy to beta test this project since the very beginning. Just to make this formal:

Name: Jalisurr
Platform: Macbook Pro, Mac OSX 10.5.7. EVN 1.1.0
Plugin Experience: I'm the only programmer on the WIP 'Life of the Wraith' plugin. I have figured out how to do pretty much everything in Nova, which is a big step up from where I was when I tested chapter 2.
Availability: Until August 4th, I'm yours. After that, things will start getting a little more hectic for me.
Contact: PM, post, dewilliams15 at gmail dot com.

Forum name: Geek
Platform: 1st gen Unibody Macbook Pro, 2.4 gHZ, 2 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.5.7, EVN 1.1.1b (kidding!)
Plugin Experience: Tested Nebula D.O.A. (I have a personally modified version with no bugs), NeoPlanets Beta, Heart of Darkness Beta (I also made a special explosion plugin for that which I haven't released), Realm of Prey Beta, Heart and Sol beta, and contributed sound effects to CTC and Acheron. I am a competent and capable beta tester, and will on my own attempt to fix any bugs I find before reporting them, and if successful, will also outline the fix. Also available for dësc editing and sound effects on request.
Availability: I'm typically available, and should be able to help out almost any time at least until next spring, when I will possibly be going to college.
Contact: PM me.

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Forum name: gavin83209
Platform: 1 GHz Titanium PowerBook G4 w/ 64 MB Mobility Radeon 9000, 1 GB RAM, Mac OS 10.5.7 and 10.4.11.
EV Nova version: 1.1 and 1.0.10 Mac.
Experience: I've made but not submitted several plug-ins, some of them small five mission or less storylines. They are generally custom made for the scenario and deleted shortly after, but if needed, I can see if I can dig one up for you. I can handle turning bits on and off, random bits, granting and taking away ships and outfits, and exploring systems when it comes to missions. I can do just about anything else except making graphics and perhaps some shäns, depending on MissionComputer's limitations there. I've edited them but never made my own.
Availability: School starts on August 17th. Excepting perhaps five to ten days, I'll be available.
Contact: I generally only check the Ambrosia boards once or twice per day, so an email to an address ending with after an (at) after grwatson is probably a good idea.

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Forum Name: Of doom
Platform: 2.66 GHz intel core duo IMac running 10.5.7 and a Windows XP running Pc laptop (I don't know more then that right now)
Ev Nova Version: 1.1 and 1.0.10 (windows)
Experience: I have made a plugin named Galactic Grocers and uploaded that in addition I have made a bunch of unuploaded stuff
Availability: all summer.
Contact: PM me I should get it within the day.

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Unnecessary forum name: n64mon
Platform: Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop PC
EV Nova version: 1.0.10 (windows)
Experience: Tinkered with plug-ins for far too long making several-mission short stories. Currently working on the foolishly ambitious, still-unnamed alternate Vell-os storyline plug-in. Can proofread as well as check missions.
Availability: until mid-September
contact: PM, or azdara-at-gmail-dot-com

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I would also like to point out that Geek beta tested for Acheron and also wrote a significant amount of material (unfortunately it was never used) for the old Darkstar TC that turned into Acheron, and, had I not been in such a rush to release Acheron, there were a number of bugs that Geek caught that went unfixed in the released version that would have been fixed had I been more patient.

So there's my recommendation for the day 🙂

I would say it's a pretty sure bet that archon will chose geek to do beta testing.

Since he contributed some sounds to the project (although they went unused), I would say that's pretty likely too. 😄 Thanks for the recommendation though!

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